Fire doors play an important role in the safety of any building. In New South Wales, there are strict regulations that must be followed when it comes to fire doors. Not only do these regulations ensure that the fire doors are installed correctly, but they also make sure that the doors will perform properly in a real-life fire emergency. Let’s take a look at what these regulations are and why they are so important.

Fire Rating Requirements

The first thing to understand about fire door regulations in NSW is that all fire doors must be tested and certified for their specific fire rating. This is done by installing the door in a test furnace for a specified amount of time and then inspecting it for any structural damage or warping caused by the high temperatures. Any door that does not meet the required standard will not be able to be used as a fire door in NSW.

Installation Requirements

As well as being tested and certified, all fire doors must also be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and any applicable codes or standards. This includes ensuring that all installation hardware such as hinges, handles, locks and closers are fitted correctly and securely. It is also essential that any gaps between the door frame and the wall are sealed with either an appropriate gasket or sealant to prevent smoke from entering through them during an emergency situation.

Maintenance Requirements

In addition to installation requirements, there are also certain maintenance requirements for fire doors in NSW. These include making sure that all hardware (e.g., hinges, handles, locks etc.) is regularly inspected for signs of wear or damage, checking that all seals around the doorframe remain intact, and testing any automatic closing devices on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning correctly. All of these steps should be taken to make sure your building remains compliant with local regulations at all times.


Fire doors play an important role in keeping people safe during a real-life emergency situation by preventing smoke from spreading throughout buildings quickly. It is therefore essential that they are installed correctly and maintained regularly according to local regulations if you want your building to remain compliant with relevant codes and standards at all times. In New South Wales, this means making sure your fire doors meet specific testing requirements, are installed according to manufacturer’s specifications, and inspected regularly for signs of wear or damage – so you can rest assured knowing you’re doing everything possible to keep everyone safe.