The installation of fire dampers is as important as the fire protection product being installed itself. An incorrectly installed fire damper can cause more damage in the long run or it could be rendered useless in the end.

Having one or two sprinklers installed in each area are enough to contain the fire when it started and minimise damage to your property. Plus, sprinklers use 6x less water than a fire hose.

Control Fire Protection offers an all-inclusive package for residential properties. Our qualified Sydney technicians will perform a full service on your smoke detectors as part of our annual subscription, including:

  • Ensuring the correct quantity and quality of smoke alarms are installed,
  • Ensuring correct positioning of smoke alarms,
  • Replace and install as many new top quality photoelectric Australian Standard 3786 smoke alarms and batteries as needed, at no extra cost,
  • Repositioning existing alarms as needed,
  • Ensuring ventilation holes are clear of obstructions such as insects and their debris,
  • Checking the expiry date of every alarm,
  • Full function test on every alarm including testing the alarm with artificial smoke,
  • Issuing certificate of compliance for the property and,
  • Unlimited visits per year.

Control Fire Protection has a team of experts that can help with your fire damper installation and rectification works. Our installation team has the knowledge and training to facilitate your project and make sure that it meets the fire damper installation requirements of AS1668.1.2012, AS 1682 Part 1 & 2 . 1991 and maintenance requirements of AS1851.6.

Installing a fire damper is more than just assembling your fire damper unit. There are several installation checks that need to be visually carried out on the site to ensure you installed the right type of damper: 1) That the components are perfectly fitted, 2) There are no wall gaps, 3) Access is not blocked, 4) Minimum clearances are observed, 5) The fire damper is correctly labeled, etc.

Fire dampers, when installed correctly, can help prevent fire from travelling through a fire rated wall or a slab, preventing more injuries and damage to your property. However, fire damper installation issues are not readily apparent during the turnover of the project, so you need to make sure that your installers know what they are doing.

Control Fire Protection is one of the most trusted fire damper installers in the Sydney area and we guarantee 100% correct, safe and code-compliant installations at all times.

Contact us today to discuss your Fire Damper Installation and Rectifications with our team of experts.