Sliding Fire Door Installations


Fire doors are designed to slow down the spread of fire, heat and smoke, buying more time for the occupants to safely evacuate. There are many types of fire doors, made of different materials, with different shapes and sizes, as well as fire ratings.

However, sliding fire doors are different from other types of fire doors because they cater to buildings with limited swing space or where maximum opening sizes are required. Because of its special design, installing a sliding fire door is different from installing other types of fire doors.

Control Fire Protection offers an all-inclusive package for residential properties. Our qualified Sydney technicians will perform a full service on your smoke detectors as part of our annual subscription, including:

  • Ensuring the correct quantity and quality of smoke alarms are installed,
  • Ensuring correct positioning of smoke alarms,
  • Replace and install as many new top quality photoelectric Australian Standard 3786 smoke alarms and batteries as needed, at no extra cost,
  • Repositioning existing alarms as needed,
  • Ensuring ventilation holes are clear of obstructions such as insects and their debris,
  • Checking the expiry date of every alarm,
  • Full function test on every alarm including testing the alarm with artificial smoke,
  • Issuing certificate of compliance for the property and,
  • Unlimited visits per year.

Control Fire Protection has the expertise when it comes to the installation and maintenance of sliding fire doors. Our installers make sure that all installation projects comply with Australian Standards, BCA codes, and other fire safety standards.

Whether it’s a single or multiple installations, our team has the resources to take on any kind of installation project without compromising quality. When it comes to fire safety, Control Fire Protection understands that there can be no compromises and we strive to provide the best fire protection services for our clients.

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