Fire Rated Access Hatches


Fire rated access hatches are designed to provide access to most fire rated walls, shafts, floors and ceilings. They come in different sizes and different fire resistance levels. Fire rated access panels are suitable for the use in plaster, masonry or drywall, allowing easy access to electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems of the building.  

Control Fire Protection can assist you in the installation of fire rated access panels for your building. We ensure that your access panels are installed to meet the requirements of most applications of your building design. Our fire rated access panels have been tested and assessed according to Australian Standard 1530.4 and other fire safety codes.

Whether you need to install fire rated access hatches on a new building or for a retrofit building project, CFP has the expertise and skills to carry out the installation for our commercial, industrial, institutional and residential clients.

Control Fire Protection takes pride in providing certified, code-compliant and high-quality fire protection services and installations all over Sydney, making us one of the leading fire protection providers in the area.

Contact us today to discuss your Fire Rated Hatches with our team of experts.