Getting timely alert during an emergency can save a lot of lives. That’s why it is extremely crucial for buildings and residential complexes with multiple levels, too implement Emergency Warning & Evacuation Systems. Emergency Warning & Evacuation Systems are designed to alert building occupants in the event of a fire and to enable the orderly evacuation of the building.

Control Fire Protection can help you in setting up your own Emergency Warning & Evacuation System that will automatically be triggered by your fire protection system. Our Emergency Warning & Evacuation Systems consist of manual and automatic activation, audible and visible signals, (or a combination of both) and a sound & intercom system in accordance with the requirements of AS1670.4 and AS2220.

The system automatically switches from ‘alert’ to ‘evacuation’ if the fire has not been responded to after the prescribed time has passed.

We make sure that all our products comply with current national standards and regulations stipulated by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), as well as, other relevant Australian Standards.

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