Did You Know?

That if tenants are not woken by a correctly functioning smoke alarm, there is a 57% higher likelihood of property loss and damage? Worse still, research indicates that a third to a half of house fire deaths could have been avoided by having a working smoke alarm and practiced escape plan

Don’t put your tenants and your landlord’s asset at risk. Manage your duty-of-care and your obligation by law, with Control Fire Protection. Did you also know, that if you do not comply with the relevant smoke alarm legislation and regulations, your insurance company may have the right to deny you cover in the event of a fire which results in injury or death of the occupants of a residence?

Each state within Australia has legislation governing the responsibility of the managing agent, the landlord and the tenant with respect to smoke alarm installation and maintenance, but unanimously smoke alarms are required to be installed and maintained:

  • At the commencement of any new tenancy agreement,
  • Annually (as per the manufacturer’s warranty),
  • At alarm malfunction.

The bottom line is that maintaining a smoke alarm is much more than just replacing a battery and for as little as $0.27 per day. It’s simply not worth the risk of putting this important duty in the hands of anyone but the experts.

We make sure that all our products comply with current national standards and regulations stipulated by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), as well as, other relevant Australian Standards.

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