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How Does A Fire Start?

There are many causes of fire – it can be due to faulty electrical wiring or a candle left attended or a material that caught on fire…!

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Fire Safety Tips for Strata Buildings

More than 3 years have passed, but the Lacrosse fire incident is nowhere near getting solved.In the early hours of the morning of November 25, 2014, a fire broke out in the 23-storey Lacrosse apartment building located in La Trobe St, Docklands in Melbourne. An...

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Our expertise and dedication to quality service make Control Fire Protection one of the most sought after fire protection companies in Sydney. Your safety is our number one priority and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Control Fire Protection has become one of the most trustworthy fire protection companies you can find in Sydney. We offer a wide range of fire protection solutions for all your fire safety needs. Send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have. You can also contact us to request a free quote.