As the limits of Covid-19 are removed and modifications are made in your organization, it’s critical that they’re taken into account in your premise Fire Risk Assessment to help manage and mitigate the risk of fire.

If your business is reopening, there are a few important Fire Safety considerations to make.

The current Covid-19 Pandemic may have a negative impact on your organization by reducing staffing levels and disrupting routine work practices. However, it is critical that the business’s fire safety, as well as the safety of all employees and visitors, is maintained.

Competent persons

You must have a sufficient number of competent persons on hand to assist with the implementation of preventative and protective fire safety measures.

If you have absent employees, you must guarantee that there is always enough trained personnel on-site to ensure that fire safety procedures are not jeopardized.

Fire Safety Factors to Consider

  • Fire Safety Testing – During this time, you should continue to maintain and test your onsite fire protection measures (e.g. smoke alarms, fire drills).
  • Lone Working – With a smaller workforce, there may be more persons working alone in buildings; you must ensure that these people are given appropriate warning in the event of a fire so that they do not become trapped.
  • Assessment of Fire Risk – During this period, it may be required to revisit your fire risk assessment to ensure that appropriate and sufficient precautions are in place.
  • Building Security – Ensure that the premises are monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the building’s security is not jeopardized and to detect any arson attempts; any attempts should be immediately reported to the local police.

Testing & Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems

The Covid-19 outbreak is harming people from all areas of life on a daily basis. A pragmatic approach is essential when it comes to the routine testing and maintenance of fire safety devices within buildings.

For businesses that have temporarily closed down

Remove combustibles from buildings to ensure electrical items were isolated, fire doors were closed, and the risk of arson was decreased. Those who have closed their businesses should take a reasonable and realistic attitude to the upkeep of fire safety measures, and their fire risk assessments should be updated accordingly.

For businesses that remain open

Where premises remain open, fire protection precautions should be maintained to the extent practicable, balancing the risk of Covid-19 cross contamination with the risk of inefficient fire protection measures. When outside organizations are hired to service equipment, a risk assessment should be done to ensure that social distancing measures are maintained throughout the inspection process.

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