Start the year right by having your home or building protected from fire. Fires can be costly because not only do they destroy property but claim lives as well. That’s a risk we don’t want to take.

Here are some things you can do to help prevent fire in 2018.

1. Take down your holiday decorations. They might be nice to look at and they make you feel like it’s still the holiday, but the longer you have these decorations up, the longer they are at risk of catching fire. If you’re planning to keep them for next year, decorations that are made of flimsy and light materials should be kept away from any source of heat or fire. Check your Christmas lights as well to make sure there are no frayed wires or damaged bulbs. Store these decorations in a safe location.

2. Check your fire devices. Are your fire alarms and sprinklers working? Are your fire exits accessible? Are your fire extinguishers in place? Make sure your fire devices are maintained properly all throughout the year so you know that they working as they should.

3. Change batteries. Did you change the batteries of all your fire devices during DST? If not, then this is the right time to change it. Even if your fire alarm is wired and connected to your home’s power source, you still have to change the backup batteries. You can do this as a part of your yearly general maintenance for your home.

4. Store old stuff properly. If you’re going to store away old furniture or appliances, make sure they are kept in a dry and safe place like the attic or a storage room. Light materials like clothes, paper and plastic should be kept away from sources of heat to prevent them from catching fire. Check for faulty appliances before storing to avoid accidents when you decide to use them again.

5. Check your wires. Avoid electrical fires by making a habit of checking your wires. Are there old wires that need to be replaced? Is your home circuit overloaded? Faulty and worn out wires can easily cause a fire so make sure that your home’s electrical wiring is in good condition at all times.

How do you prepare your home for 2018?

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