Annual Fire and Safety Assessment

Fire safety should never be taken for granted. In NSW, the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations (2000) require ALL building owners,  except for houses and non-habitable buildings, to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) to the local council and fire brigade.

Failure to submit an AFSS certification could lead to hefty fines. This certification ensures that all your fire protection systems are in good working condition and complies with the local and Australian fire safety and building standards like AS1851 and AS2293.2.

fire protection servicesAFSS is issued after each fire safety measure in your building has been assessed by a qualified person. Control Fire Protection can help you assess all aspects of your fire protection system and ensure that they are up to the standards. We will ensure that all fire safety measures are tested whether they are performing according to the required standard. We will also check all paths that lead to the exits and make sure your fire protection system complies with the NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulations (2000), at the time of the inspection.

We will also check:

  •   Access panels, doors and hoppers
  •   Fail-safe devices
  •   Fire alarm systems
  •   Fire suppression systems
  •   Emergency lighting
  •   Exit signs
  •   Fire doors
  •   Fire hydrant systems
  •   Fire shutters
  •   Fire hose reel systems
  •   Access for emergency vehicles
  •   Fire extinguishers
  •   Smoke and heat vents
  •   Smoke detectors and heat detectors
  •   Sprinkler and drencher systems
  •    Paths of travel to exits

Control Fire Protection provides assessment and AFSS certification for newly built buildings and older buildings with insufficient AFSS. Contact us for more info.

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