Some of the common causes of fire are usually related to kids. It could be due to children playing with matches or other flammable products. Sometimes kids play with a lit candle or try to open the gas stove.

Fire protection does not only cover adults, but children as well. Even though they are young, children need to understand the importance of fire safety and the dangers of playing with flammable objects. Children should also know what to do when a fire breaks out, especially if there no adults around.

Here are some fire protection tips to equip your kids with life-saving knowledge during fires.

1. Don’t let the kids play with matches. Or lighter. Or gasoline. Or candles, especially when they’re lit. In fact, don’t even leave them lying around. As adults, it is also important to keep away these dangerous materials away from the reach of children. Keep them in locked storage if possible.

2. Check if there are smoke detectors in every room, especially the sleeping areas of kids. Smoke detectors are important in the early detection of fire. Next, make sure that these smoke detectors are working. Install other fire protection like fire doors and sprinkler system.  

3. Test your smoke detectors regularly and let the children know what each sound means. When they are familiar with the sound and their meaning, the children will be able to respond immediately to the situation.

4. Check the house for fire hazards. Kids are curious little creatures. They love to poke their fingers in holes and pick up things they don’t even know of. Keep wires and electrical cords out of sight and throw your cigarette butts in the trash can.

5. Create a family emergency plan. The kids, elderly and disabled should be your first and foremost consideration when creating the plan. Designate specific meet up locations and label emergency exits properly. After that, discuss the evacuation plan to each member and practice it regularly.

6. Teach the kids the best way to escape fire –  Fall & Crawl. This keeps them from inhaling the dangerous smoke while trying to get out.

7. Teach the kids how to Stop, Drop, and Roll when their clothes are on fire.

8. Don’t hide, go outside. Explain to the children the importance of going outside when there’s a fire. Some kids get scared and hide under the bed or in the closet, which is very dangerous.

9. Don’t go back inside. This is true for both adults and kids. Once you’re out, stay out.

10. Know your emergency numbers by heart. Have the kids memorise the emergency numbers or the number of a relative or neighbor who can help quickly during the emergency.

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