Australia’s Fire Prevention Week

Fire is considered one of the most common and dangerous disasters, not only in Australia but all over the world.

According to Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) Annual Report , the organisation responded to 25,041 total fires and explosions from 2013-2014, with 6,209 of them being structure fires.

In Australia, the Fire Prevention Week is usually held between April 28 to May 5 to propagate fire safety awareness among participants. The week long event is headed by the local police and emergency services, as well as the local officers of the city.


The Fire Prevention Week is celebrated annually to help promote fire safety  awareness and to lessen the incidence of fires and fire injuries during the winter months. The activities are designed for all ages, gender and status.


The Fire Prevention Week usually starts with a launching ceremony, with fire safety officers providing messages and tips on how to prevent fire.

The Brigade Kids website is a joint initiative between FRNSW and McDonalds with the hope of educating children about fire safety in fun and effective ways.

The higlight of the week is the Fire Stations Open Day where several fire stations are opened for the public. There are exhibits of firefighting equipment, actual fire simulation, safety demonstrations and fire station tours. This activity provides the participants with a glimpse of the everyday life in the fire and rescue service.

This year’s Open Day was attended by more that 80,000 participants of all ages. FRNSW has partnered with LEGO City for the first time to spread the fire safety message.

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