Most residential fires are usually caused by seemingly harmless mistake on the part of the home owner. We often think that having smoke alarms installed all over your Sydney house is enough to keep fires at bay.

No. As homeowners, it is our responsibility to make sure that fire safety hazards are minimised at home. This further reduces the chances of a fire breaking out.

Here are the most common fire safety mistakes that could lead to fires.

  1. Failing to prep for emergency. Fires can happen anytime, and you need to have an emergency plan to make sure you know what to do. Create a fire evacuation plan that you should practice at least every month with your family members. The fire plan should include the nearest exits, the assembly area and an emergency number.
  2. Calling for help before getting out of the house. Do not underestimate fires. They can spread out in a matter of minutes so your priority should be to get out first and then call the fire department once you’re out. You can call from a neighbor’s phone once you get out of the burning house.
  3. Forgetting to clean the lint in your clothes dryer’s filter. It might not seem to be an important task but not cleaning the lint trap will cause the build up to get too hot and cause a fire. Make sure to clean the filter after every use and have the vents cleaned out by professionals at least every year to avoid build up.
  4. Taking the batteries out of your smoke alarms. False alarms can be pretty annoying, especially if you can’t figure out how to stop the alarm. Most people yank out the batteries to stop the beeping, but that is a big mistake. Find the “Silence” or “Hush” button to reset the smoke detector. If you’ve taken out the battery, click the “Test” button after putting the batteries back to make sure it’s working fine.
  5. Not knowing what’s inside your home. Fires can break out anytime from any part of your home. That’s why it’s important to know what items you have inside the house, especially the flammable ones. Do you have gasoline in your garage? Do you paint in your basement? Take an inventory of the things in your home and keep flammable materials away as far away from heat sources as possible.
  6. Not getting fire protection services in Sydney. Having a fire protection system increases your chances of preventing and stopping fires. Don’t neglect your safety.

   Contact a professional fire expert to protect your home from fire.

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